Blur moving objects or persons in Premiere

Blur the object

1. Open the effects window by clicking “Window” and then “Effects”
2. Search for “Gaussian blur” and apply it to the clip you want
3. Now select where to blur the footage by using the mask options
4. In the “Effect Controls” window you can adjust the blurriness and many other things

Option 1: Tracking

1. Click the triangle symbol next to “Mask Path”
2. Premiere will automatically try to stick the mask to the object
3. You can track it forward and backward

Option 2: Keyframing

1. Go to the beginning of your clip
2. Click on the watch icon next to “Mask Path”
3. Now go forward and adjust the mask position (Premiere will automatically set a keyframe)
4. You can set as many keyframes as you want

The mask tracking option inside Premiere is a cool feature and can sometimes work pretty well. But keep in mind that especially with faster movements it will not work properly.

Good luck!


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This is a cool feature in Premiere. But most of the time when it gets more complicated I go with Adobe After Effects.
In After Effects you can track more specific or use the “3D Camera Tracker” Effect.