Change the color of clothes in Photoshop

1. Select your layer
2. Select the “Polygonal Lasso Tool”
3. Change the feather to around 1px
4. Select the parts of the clothes you want to change
5. Right-click your selection and choose “Layer Via Copy” (You can also work with layer masks)
6. Go to “Image” then “Adjustments” and click on “Hue/Saturation”
7. Change the color with “Hue”
8. For some fine-tuning, you can go “Image” “Adjustments” and then to “Color Balance”

To keep it looking realistic it is important that you don’t exaggerate it. I would recommend to not change the saturation and don’t work with an extreme feather.

Good luck!


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I recommend using layer masks when doing stuff like this. So if you did something accidentally you can simply change it.
A layer mask can be applied after you selected the clothes by clicking on this little square with the dot in it at the bottom of the “Layer-Window”.