Create an animated GIF in Photoshop

Produce all the single frames

In Adobe Photoshop, every single layer can be viewed as one frame of the animation. The final animated GIF is just a series of layers played one after another.

1. Create a new layer (first picture of animation)
2. Now draw or add whatever you want to that layer
3. Duplicate the layer or create a new one
4. Move all the objects you want to have animated slightly (like stop-motion)
5. Repeat these steps until you have the entire animation as single layers

Animate the single layers

1. Click on “Window” and choose “Timeline”
2. In the center of the new window there is a drop-down
3. Choose “Create frame animation” and hit the button
4. Click on the menu in the upper right corner of the window and choose “Make frames from layers”

Export the animated GIF

1. Go to “File” and click on “Export”
2. Choose “Safe for Web”
3. Change the format to GIF

If you want to loop your animation you can do this at the bottom of the Timeline-Window. Choose between a number or an infinite loop.

Good luck!


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