Create motion blur in After Effects

1. Make sure that there is a motion ; )
2. Activate it by checking the box with the two circles next to your object
3. Afterwards activate it for the entire project by clicking on the same icon (but bigger) underneath the player

A digitally created animation is always perfectly sharp. In contrast to this has our human eye as well as a camera something called “Shutter Speed”. This makes things looking blurred once they move fast. To recreate this effect on digitally created animations use the technic above.

I would recommend to add a motion blur into your animations because it makes everythink look mare natural.

Good luck!


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Diego (Admin)

To create motion blurs that are more adjustable, you can use the “Motion Blur” effect.
Simply search for “Motion Blur” in the Effects Window. Then drag&drop it onto the clip you want it to appear. In the effect controls window you can now do some more precise adjustments.