How to get the cheapest flight

Going on holidays is amazing. But most often is money the biggest problem which prevents people from going. And one big impact on the budget is the flight. So let’s check together how you can get the cheapest flight for your holidays.

1. Go incognito

Go into the Incognito-mode by pressing CTRL+Shift+N or go to settings and choose “New incognito window”. This will make sure that airlines will not higher the price just because they see you are interested in something.

2. Let’s search

Use a good site to search for different flights. I recommend using Google flights.

3. Date & Time

In Google Flight type in your destination and then look for the cheapest day to fly. They will display the prices inside of the calendar.

4. Compare

Finally, you can compare the airlines and choose your preferred flight.

Good luck!


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I always check in front when there are public holidays at my country. Because prices are much lower when I fly outside of this holiday seasons. Flying on weekends is also more expensive.