How to split a bill with others on PayPal

1. Log in into your PayPal account
2. Click on “Moore” in the top right corner
3. Choose “Split a bill”
4. Type in the amount you want to split and choose if you also pay a part of this bill
5. Type in the name or email of your friends
6. Click on “Request money”

Always keep in mind that once you sent out the request, you don’t have the money instantly. Your friends first have to check their PayPal account and accept your request. Then the money will be transferred to your account.

You also have the possibility to write a comment. I recommend doing this, so your friends know what this request is for. It’s also better for you, so you can prove later that you paid the bill if necessary.

Good luck!


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Once you requested the money, all your friends will be informed via mail. So don’t worry, they will see it 😉