Put an image inside of text in Photoshop

1. Add a text and an image
2. Make sure the image is above the text
3. Place the image like you want it to appear inside the text
4. Right-click your image layer in the Layer-window and choose “Create Clipping Mask”

Even after you created the clipping mask you can still move the image inside the text. If you want to move the text together with the image, then make sure both of them are selected. You can do this by holding Shift and then click on both.

Good luck!


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Diego (Admin)

If you want to only have one layer, you can merge the text and the image together. Just select both of them in the layer window. Make a right click and choose “Merge Layers”.
But keep in mind that you are not able to change the image inside the text after this. You also will no longer be able to change the text in any way.
Hope this helps
Best – Diego