Remove text from an image in Photoshop

Option 1: Lasso & Fill

This option only works if there is a plain photo behind the text with no special patterns. If your text is on a vibrant background then check “Option 2” below.
1. Select the “Lasso Tool”
2. Roughly outline your text
3. Click on “Edit” and choose “Fill”
4. Once pressed “Okay” Photoshop is trying to fill your selection with the textures around it.

Option 2: Stamp Tool

1. Select the “Clone Stamp Tool”
2. Adjust the size and hardness (I would recommend using a pretty low hardness)
3. Hold the Alt-key and select the texture next to your text
4. Now release the Alt-key and carefully draw it over your text
5. Once it gets weird simply press again the “Alt-Key” and select a new texture

Keep in mind that especially with the second option it can take some time until you get a good looking result. If the text is really big and covers the image, then try to imagine what could be there and take it from the textures around it.

Good luck!


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If I have big objects to remove, then I always try to imagine what’s behind of it. It gets harder if you have some complex structures in the background. If this is the case then try to search for lines or objects that you can copy and paste.
Be creative 😉