Typewriter animation in After Effects

1. Select your text
2. click on the small triangle to show options for the text
3. Click on “Animate” and choose “Opacity”
4. Adjust the opacity to 0%
5. Open the “Range Selector” tab and set a keyframe at “Start”
6. Move a little forward in your timeline and change the value from “Start” to 100%

I would recommend using this animation only for short headlines or words. On longer sentences or texts readers can be confused by the animation and it can look strange. Try to find the perfect speed for the visitor to read it.

If you want the animation to be faster or slower, then simply change the distance between the two keyframes in your timeline.

Good luck!


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Diego (Admin)

There is also an option to use the “Typewriter Effect Preset”.
To use this one simply search for “Typewriter” in the Effects Window. Afterwards drag&drop it onto the text layer. You can do some adjustments in the Effect controls window.