Where to change cash on holiday

If you need to change or get some cash at your holiday destination, then there are many different options you can take. But let’s go through them from the best to the worst one.

Your bank

The best option for you is to go to the bank in your home country. In the normal case, they will give you the best rate.

Bank at the holiday destination

If you are already at your holiday destination, then still try to go to a bank. Best would be a big bank which works internationally.

Get money at an ATM

Maybe you also think about not changing the cash from your home country but get some local cash at an ATM. Although ATM’s have high fees it is still better than exchange your money.

Currency exchange offices

If no other option works for you then you can still go to currency exchange offices. But in most cases, they have huge fees (even if they say they don’t). I recommend to always check the exchange rate online before you make a deal.
If you take this option, then try to go to the airport because the exchange offices there mostly have the best rates.

Good luck!


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Try to avoid tourist hotspots when changing your money. Rates there are mostly much higher than in not so crowded areas.